Putin’s Troops Gain Ground: How will Germany and the West respond?

Putin’s troops gain Ground

The situation in Ukraine is growing increasingly dire as Ukrainian soldiers struggle to maintain their defense lines against Russian aggression. So, does that mean that the Russian President is edging closer to his goal of seizing large parts of Ukraine? “If Putin believes he can simply wait out the conflict, he has miscalculated.”- strong words from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in support of Ukraine. However, they come at a time when his own party has emphasized the need to “freeze the war”. The question remains, of course, whose interests would this really serve – Ukraine’s or perhaps Putin’s?

Our guests:
Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, former Commanding General, United States Army Europe and now Chairman of GLOBSEC Future Security and Defence Council (FSDC).

Malte Lehming, Der Tagesspiegel.

Yuliya Bidenko, associate professor at Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine and visiting researcher at the Center for East European and International Studies (ZOIS) in Berlin.

00:00 Opener
02:50 The lack of ammunition is affecting the morale of the Ukrainian soldiers.
04:00 Russia hasn’t achieved a lot of territory in the two years of the war.
05:00 The war between Russia and Ukraine is an industrial competition that the West will win.
05:40 Does Biden have to better explain to the American people why the war in Ukraine matters?
07:20 Video: The situation on the ground in Ukraine.
08:40 Do Ukrainians have a chance in this war?
09:15 The Ukrainian government has to convince their people to join forces.
10:30 Are there too many holes in the sanctions against Russia?
11:20 Taurus missiles can counter thousands of Russian artillery ammunition.
14:00 Is the West preparing for a nuclear war?
16:15 Does it makes a difference, if a country is a member of NATO or not.
16:50 Video: Freezing the conflict?
18:30 Freezing the war would only help Putin.
20:10 If the West fails in Ukraine, China might take wrong steps against Taiwan.
23:00 NATO-members should give security guarantees to Ukraine.
25:00 Is domestic policy shaping international and security policy in Europe?

Credit to : DW News