Ramstein Air Base: Defense leaders from around the World Discuss support for Ukraine

Defense leaders discuss support for Ukraine

Ukraine is preparing for renewed Russian assaults along its frontline. That’s according to a report from the UK’s defense ministry.
Fortifications likely include anti-tank obstacles, trenches and minefields. The report says Ukraine’s stalled counter offensive last year has forced its military onto a more defensive footing. Kupiansk – in the Kharkiv region – was occupied in the first days of the full-scale invasion. But it was recaptured by Ukrainian forces after almost six months. DW visited the town to see how residents are preparing for the threat of a renewed Russian invasion.
For more on this, we talk to Frank Ledwidge. He is a former military officer and a senior lecturer in war studies at Portsmouth University in the UK.
And we talk to DW’s Eastern Europe editor, Roman Goncharenko.
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Credit to : DW News