De Dollarization: 21 Countries Ditches US Dollar

de dollarization: 21 countries ditches US dollar

The global economic landscape is witnessing a transformative shift as several countries and regional alliances progressively move toward abandoning the US dollar in their trade settlements. This strategic pivot aims to diminish reliance on the US dollar, fostering a diversified approach to international trade and finance that embraces a variety of currencies. These developments signify a growing trend of de-dollarization as nations seek to diversify their trade and financial practices away from the US dollar. This shift, driven by the desire to mitigate geopolitical risks and promote local economies, heralds a significant transformation in the international trade and financial landscape, potentially reshaping the global economic order and the future role of the US dollar.

In this video, we explore key developments in this trend, highlighting significant movements across the globe.
Credit to : Fastepo