Gold Price Climbs Ahead of Easter Weekend; “Acceleration” of a New Banking Crisis in the Cards

Gold Price Climbs Ahead of Easter Weekend

“We’re going to see recession globally, at least in major economies,” warns Peter Krauth, the bestselling author of “The Great Silver Bull” and renowned expert in precious metals investing. In a conversation with Daniela Cambone, Krauth highlights the alarming financial risks posed by the failure of regional banks. “During the great financial crisis, it took over two years and it took something like 220 banks to reach about $500 billion in losses. Last year it took five U.S. banks to reach that same amount in a month.” Krauth’s insights extend to the precious metals market, where he predicts gold prices to soar to $2,500 this year, while silver is anticipated to surpass $28 an ounce.
Credit to : ITM TRADING, INC.