How the US’ LNG Export Ban is Impacting Germany

How the US’ LNG export ban is impacting Germany

The White House has paused all future liquified natural gas export projects. Environmental activists and scientists think it’s the right move – LNG is a fossil fuel and has huge environmental consequences. But Biden’s critics say the decision is a catastrophe, made only to pander to young Democratic voters ahead of national elections. His opponents argue that the decision threatens U.S. jobs and energy security in countries like Germany, which rely on U.S. LNG as a transition fuel while vamping up renewable energy.

00:00 Louisiana LNG
02:07 Behind Biden’s Decision
03:42 Germany’s Energy Security
05:22 Transition Fuel
07:55 LNG and the Economy
08:34 What Does Biden’s Pause Do?
09:15 Conclusion

Credit to : DW News